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Cyber Security

Think your practice is safe?

"Australia's healthcare system, 

like transport or energy, is a critical infrastructure"

"The industry is increasingly aware of cyber risks", added Dr Nathan Pinskier of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and an e-health specialist. 


"In Australian Cybersecurity, there are only two types of healthcare organisations — those that know they've been hacked and those that don't know they've been hacked," he said.

Are You certain your practice has not been hacked?

See What Kate Carnell, Small & Family Business Ombudsman on Cyber vulnerabilities for SME's

Medical Practices are PRIME  TARGETS for Cyber Criminals because of the wealth of patient information they hold and the difficulty in changing them if a data breach is identified.


  • Medicare Number;

  • Private Health Fund Number

  • Email Address

  • Username & Password

  • Phone Number

  • Home Address

  • Patient History

  • Credit Card Details


The easiest way for Cyber Criminals to penetrate your IT System is to use stolen Username & Passwords to gain entry which is available for Sale on the Dark Web for as little as US$ o.55 ea.

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