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Located in the Top Ten fastest growing regions in Queensland (as identified by Queensland State Government) security is increased by the significant level of Local, State and Federal Government infrastructure projects being undertaken in the region. 

Infrastructure projects include a Federal Govt grant to the property owners to upgrade and enhance the premesis transforming it into a Super Clinic  and Training "Hub" for the Region.

The premises are located within a group title complex with separate detached structures and is  located at the rear of the site with direct access via an access driveway located on the eastern side of the allotment. Being architecturally designed and purpose built, the premises are achieving their highest and best use as a Medical Centre including the following  facilities:

Emergency / Ambulance Docking Bay;  6 x Doctors Consulting Rooms (4 with independent examination rooms);  1 x Treatment Room;  Nurse's Station;  Common/Training Room;   Reception;   Administrators Office;  Minor Ops Theatre;  Sound Proofed (To Australian Standards) Audiometry Room;  2 Waiting Rooms;   Children's Room;   2 x Allied Health Consulting Rooms;  Toilets;   Video Conferencing facilities;   On Site Video Security System; Air Conditioned;    Wheelchair access;  Car Parking

Modernized service delivery at the Clinic is clearly evident with fully integrated technology being employed by the doctors to facilitate video consultation for remote clients who cannot access a local GP.  Depending on the ailment, this form of consultation is proving to be a satisfactory and successful service being provided by the clinic.

Access for vehicles is via a dual lane street carrying one traffic lane in each direction and has concrete kerbs, gutters and footpaths.  Parallel street car parking is available on and is time unlimited.  Onsite car parking is provided for approximately 12 cars (under video surveillance). The access driveway and car park are sealed bitumen. The property has a 1.8 metre perimeter fencing and basic landscaping.

The dedicated Ambulance Bay is a covered, sealed bitumen area (24m2) attached to the main dwelling.

The parent site is 1,354 sqm – “town zoned” with two semi modern single level buildings that form a group title development.  The rear building has a gross floor area of 287 sqm.

Officially opened on 8th October 1976 the Clinic has cemented itself as the "go-to" provider of health services for local and surrounding district residents. It was a 2013 runner-up as National Rural Clinic of the Year.  The Clinic has 19,861 registered patients on its database & provides the following Core Service Offerings:

General Practice Medicine;  Check Ups (general health);  Pre-Employment Medical Checks;   Diagnosis & Treatment of Various Infections;  Family Planning /Contraception;  Pregnancy Testing;  Pap Smears;  Ante-Natal Care; Post-Natal Care;   ECG: Heart Checks;  Counselling / Management of Psychiatric Disorders;  Vaccination: Children and Travel;  Minor Surgery: Repairing Wounds, Removing Moles. Skin Cancers;  Liquid Nitrogen "Freezing" Therapy for Sunspots and Warts;   Weight Control & Advice;  Sexual Difficulties Management;    Managing Diabetes / Asthma / COPD / Heart Conditions;    Investigating & Detecting Malignancies then liaison with Appropriate Specialist;   Palliative Care;   Paediatric Care;  Provision of Prescriptions;    Specialist Referrals;  Cervical Cancer Preventative Health Vaccination;  Repair of Non-Complicated Simple Fractures

House Calls are performed in the town area when requested if the patient is too ill or too frail to attend the Clinic as are Hospital & Hostel visits with the Clinic averaging approx. 530 patient visits per week .

The 10 year lease had its first rent review on 1st July 2014 and was subsequently increased to $175,100 pa + GST + Outgoings (including land tax). The business owner is giving a personal guarantee on the lease.


*3rd Party Finance Available (Conditions Apply).

If you would like more information about this opportunity please click on the Contact Tab at the top of this window,  complete and submit the short form and we will forward you our Confidentiality Agreement.  On satisfactory completion we will Email you details of the Consultant handling this property where a full Practice Profile may be provided.  

No information will be given out over the phone.


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