Are you interested in selling your Solo practice?  If so, this option may be of interest to you.
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Under this option, we provide you with all the professional paperwork and marketing material (including advertising on this website) you need to confidentially attract and negotiate the Sale of your Practice with interested parties.  We do not act as your Sales Agent but as your Advertising Agent only. All you need to do is arrange to meet with the Buyers at a mutually convenient time, answer their questions, show them around the practice and agree on a price and terms (we offer consulting services to you during this phase.) and instruct your Lawyer to draw up and execute the Contract for Sale.  We do not take any Sales Commissions if you sell your Practice.

What is included in our "For Sale By Owner" package.


The Independent 3rd Party Certified Practice Valuation Report is a "FAIR MARKET VALUE" Report -  it is an Asset Valuation of the Tangible Assets (Plant & Equipment) and the Intangible Assets (Income Stream) of your practice over the 3 past Financial Years not a valuation of shares in a company or trust. In essence, it expresses an opinion of what a willing buyer would pay for the practice.  A 'Risk' Profile on the Practice looks at 20 Areas of Risk to the Income Stream and the estimated 'Second-Hand Sales' value of your Plant and Equipment.

To check the proposed value against completed Practice Sales of similar practices we asses the Return On Investment (ROI) level of "The Market" and adjust the  Fair Market Price accordingly.

The finished 30+ Page Court Ready document complies with the USPAP Standard for Valuation Reports as well as the Australian Accounting Standard and our reports have been accepted as Expert Witness Reports in the Family Court and the Australian Circuit Court.

As the Report is Certified Independent your involvement is only to provide the data (Your Accountants Financials and complete a Multiple Choice Questionnaire on the Practice operations. 

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Your Custom Made CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT should be given  to and completed by, all Prospective Buyers prior to discussing anything about the Practice to protect your Legal rights.

Whilst it is a Legal Document drawn up by our Lawyers we accept no liability and recommend that you get it approved by your Lawyers prior to use.


Your Custom Made BUYER DISCLOSURE STATEMENT gives you relevant and useful information about who your potential Buyer is, What type of Practice they are looking for and if they have the financial capacity to buy your practice, at or above your Asking Price.  


Your Custom Made "Masked" Advertisement will be listed on the Avantia Medical website (which gets 600-700 Page views/month) until you advise us that the Practice is SOLD. Enquiries that come through the website will be referred to you with completed Confidentiality Agreement, Buyers Disclosure Statement and ID Validation & Direct Contact Details.  You will be required to approve this prior to publication. We do not give out any information over the phone.


Your Custom Made Expression Of Interest/Practice Profile is for use by you to inform the potential buyer all the information they need to decide if the practice is right for them.  To protect your Confidentiality It is only supplied to the potential buyer AFTER they have completed and returned the Confidentiality Agreement + The Buyer Disclosure Statement + Validated their Identity. 

It includes information on:

  • The Geographical Location of the Practice

  • The Practice History

  • Services Offered By the Practice

  • Success Factors of the Practice

  • Practice Structures - Roles & Staffing

  • Premises & Lease

  • Plant & Equipment Assets

  • The Force Behind the Sale and Reasons for the Sale

  • Financial Highlights over the Past 3 Financial Years

  • Adjustments, AddBacks

  • Adjusted Net Profit Before Tax

You will be consulted and will be required to approve this document prior to publication.

Custom Documentation will be provided to you in Electronic and Hard Copy Format within 4 Weeks of receipt of all data required to produce the documents.
We cannot Guarantee your Practice will Sell but we can Guarantee that your practice will be professionally priced and marketed to put you in the best position to negotiate an acceptable sale price and terms.